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The Scott Resort Spa & Wellness

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Staying at the Scott Resort & Spa make sure you experience ultimate relaxation at their Spa & Wellness. Here experienced staff will offer a range of treatments in a beautiful setting.

Pond with Mini-Waterfall at The Scott Resort and Spa, Scottsdale

When I was staying at this resort in Scottsdale, I had an effective cleansing program that included herb teas and massage. The Scott Resort & Spa serves delicious fine white tea that contains sweet, toasted coconut with pieces of pineapple. This tea quickly became my favorite, and I enjoyed sitting outside with a cup of aroma tea and a book.

Herb Teas at The Scott Resort and Spa, Scottsdale

I stayed at the hotel for 10 days and took a complete course of body massage treatment at Spa & Wellness at the Scott Resort. Spa center includes 6 private rooms overlooking the lush garden. Among the spa serviced offered are massage & body treatment, herbal salt stone massage, as well as mineral bath soak, hand & foot revitalizing treatments and more.

The Scott Resort and Spa - Vacation Destination in Scottsdale

I enjoyed their signature service that included a detox treatment with mineral bath soak, sugar scrub exfoliation and a full-body soothing massage. The therapist also recommended to enhance the detoxing effect of the treatment with ColonBroom, a dietary supplement that effectively cleans the colon.

ColonBroom Dietary Supplement

I followed her advice and had a glass of ColonBroom every morning for 10 days. In three days of using it I noticed some positive changes and the effect even excelled my expectations. Not only did I feel better and forgot about constipation, but I managed to lose a couple of pounds which appeared a nice bonus for me as well. What I like about ColonBroom is that it tastes good and contains organic Psyllium Husk, a primary source of dietary fiber. In combination with citric acid and lemon juice it works as a broom that brushes away toxins and cleanses the body.

ColonBroom Review

I added ColonBroom to my diet gradually. First, I used just 1 serving a day in the morning. Then I took 2 servings a day and keep taking it that way. Even though my vacation is over I still continue using Colon Broom in the morning. I like that my complexion improved, and my face doesn’t break any more. I forgot about unpleasant digestive issues that vexed me for a long time. So, I think I will need to have such detox course at least every 3 months. Unfortunately, I don’t have an opportunity to have a spa vacation very often. So, getting homelike ColonBroom cleansing treatment will help me get rid of toxins accumulated for some period of time and support the immune system. Plus, ColonBroom is known to facilitate weight loss, and it it would be a great extra bonus to an efficient cleansing program. And an even bigger bonus can be a discount on a detoxification course, which can be obtained here.

The Scott Resort and Spa Review

Spa vacation is a nice opportunity to relax your body and comfort your soul. Spa body and facial treatments help relax all the muscles and remove muscle clamps that cause wrinkles and tension. It’s an effective and pleasant way to stay healthy and beautiful.

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